The French National Scientific Research Center

The CNRS is a public scientific and technological establishment, placed under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. With 30,000 people (researchers, engineers, technicians and administrative staff), a budget of 3.080 billion euros, including 513 million euros of its own resources, an international presence, the CNRS operates in all fields of knowledge with 1260 research units and service units. 19 delegations represent the CNRS in all regions of France and provide direct management of the laboratories. Due to its scientific potential, the Languedoc-Roussillon delegation is among the top 5 regions.

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ALCEN is a French group made up of fifteen high-tech companies, active in the fields of Defense and Security, Energy, Medical and Health, Aeronautics and Space, Large Scientific Instruments.

ALCEN aims to establish a constant innovation policy, applied in priority to its own products and services.

It develops a particularly extensive technological base internally. It collaborates closely with research centers. It systematically transfers technological advances and feedback from one area to others. It develops its technologies in specialized laboratories organized around a limited number of high-level experts.

ALCEN builds an original integrated technological model benefiting from exceptional productivity.

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