DUP is a database that references all of the normal urinary proteins described in proteomic analysis articles. Currently DUP contains more than 1,800 non-redundant proteins observed in at least 1 of the 12 publications studied. DUP contains general information such as the name of the protein or its molecular mass, information on the description of the protein as well as on its sequence; the link with the cited articles is also available interactively. The list of normal urinary proteins can be viewed using an easy-to-use web interface. Several tools make it easier to query the database: two tools allow you to search for a protein by its SwissProt / IPI accession number, by keyword or by sequence similarity. All of the proteins can be represented as a virtual 2D gel using an interactive graphical tool. The DUP database is today the only database allowing a global vision of the urinary proteome and could serve as a reference for the identification of urinary biomarkers in various renal diseases.

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